Zaffru Shafi

Music Lover

Over the years, the band has performed a number of gigs exclusively for Metallica Club Members. Some of these shows are staged in small, intimate clubs or theaters while some have been tour rehearsal shows in large arenas. Either way, these shows give the Club Member an opportunity to see shows that the average fan cannot see.

Since 1995, Metallica has given Club Members access to over 30 gigs that were not available to the general public, including the four 30th Anniversary shows held at the world famous Fillmore in San Francisco. Club Members have also been seen at a few Death Magnetic Rehearsal Shows, the Death Magnetic release parties in Berlin and London, and we can't forget the sweaty little club gigs at The Basement in Nashville, TN, BBC Radio One in London, and the four 2003 rehearsals at the Fillmore. Were you there?